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Hi to everybody reading this, thanks for checking out the site. As it's been a good while since I posted anything, here's a little update about what i've been doing.

I'm working regularly as a freelance motion graphics animator at a few different places as well as some independent freelance projects. It's going brilliantly and it feels fantastic to be finding work as an animator.

I'm still always on the lookout for Stop Motion opportunities and if all goes to plan I may be working on one or two sometime soon!

My latest film "Villains" is currently being screened at the following film festivals around the world:

"Athens AnimFest 2015" this March
"Visions 5 Festival" this March
"Holland Animation Film Festival 2015" this March

Previous Screenings:

"Starlite Film Festival 2015"
"ReAnimania Film Festival 2014"
"Thurrock International Film Festival 2014" where it was awarded "Best Animation" by Judge Dane DeBlois, director of "How To Train Your Dragon".

I'm also forming some ideas at the moment for a couple of one minute films so once my schedule frees up a bit i'll get all that jotted down and start making them.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy the website.

Posted on 09 Feb 2015 by Alex

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